Sildenafil Uropharm Review

Sildenafil Uropharm Review: Cannot Be Trusted Due to the Lack of Information About it

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Brand: Sildenafil Uropharm

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Uropharm AG

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Sildenafil Uropharm Package Image

Review and Description

Sildenafil Uropharm is a medication used for the treatment of men who are suffering from a common sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction. Also known as sexual impotence, this disease tends to affect the ability of a male to hold erections for long periods of time; hence, they are unable to perform sexually. Sildenafil Uropharm, just as the name indicates, is composed primarily of sildenafil citrate. Hence, it is categorized in the group of medicines which are known to be phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. This means that this medicine of capable of stopping the normal functioning of the enzyme phosphpdiesterase type 5. This enzyme is mainly present in the penile area and its inhibition leads to a cascade of events which eventually cause an increase in the total blood flow towards penile organ. Consequently, an erection occurs. Moreover, this medicine is also used to solve the problem of maintaining erections for an extended period of time. So, it can be said that Sildenafil Uropharm is an exact copy of Viagra in terms of active ingredient and mechanism of action. The only difference is that it is a lot cheaper than the latter.

Sildenafil Uropharm is manufactured by a company that works under the title of Uropharm AG. It is a German-based manufacturer which is known for its products related to various urological diseases. The company does not have an official presence on the web and very little is known about its credentials. Hence, it can be said that Uropharm AG cannot be trusted due to lack of information about it.

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that Sildenafil Uropharm has been available on the internet for some time, it has not been able to receive international recognition. The biggest proof of this statement is the total lack of customer reviews for this medicine. There is not a single review that has been given by any customer who has actually tried this drug. This probably means that there is some underlying problem with this drug due to which it was not able to receive as much popularity as its counterparts. There might be other reasons too, such as the availability of this drug to customers. Irrespective of whatever the reasons might be, such drugs must not be tried out for there is no surety about their safety and effectiveness.

Pricing and Dosage

Sildenafil Uropharm is usually available to the customers in the form of film-coated tablets. Each box of this drug is charged at a price of 80.97 US Dollars. Since there are 12 tablets in each box, the price per pill for 100 mg of this drug becomes 6.74 US Dollars. I personally think that this is a bit expensive for a generic drug.

As a part of instructions, it is recommended that Sildenafil Uropharm must be taken only once every single day

As a part of instructions, it is recommended that Sildenafil Uropharm must be taken only once every single day. Taking it in a larger dose would not help improve the results. Instead, it can cause various side effects.

How to Buy Sildenafil Uropharm Online

In general, the web lacks information about Sildenafil Uropharm. There are hardly enough websites that have real information about this drug. Similarly, the stores that sell this particular medicine are also quite rare. This means that all those people who were wishing to try this generic out have to be disappointed because they will not be able to find it anywhere on the internet.

There are, however, a lot of alternative options for those who are looking forward to buying an ED generic medication. The best among these generics is undoubtedly Fildena. Fildena is a drug which is highly effective and consists of the same active ingredient as that of Sildenafil Uropharm as well as Viagra. Following websites can be consulted in order to buy Fildena:

The price per pill of Fildena is 1.73 US Dollars which makes it better and a lot cheaper than Sildenafil Uropharm. Moreover, it is well-reputed and can be delivered to the doorstep of the customers without any extra charges. Hence, it can be regarded as a perfect replacement.

How to Use

The best way to use Sildenafil Uropharm is through the oral route. The film-coated tablets are to be swallowed using water. This process must take place around 30 to 40 minutes before engaging in a sexual activity so that the medicine gets enough time to manifest the results. Remember to avoid certain things which might interfere with the normal functioning of this medicine. Such things include grapefruit which can lead to potential side effects and alcohol which can slow down the action of the drug and reduce its efficacy at the same time. Lastly, no other drug meant for ED should be taken along with Sildenafil Uropharm as this can lead to overdosage and adversities.

Side Effects

Use of Sildenafil Uropharm is normally associated with diarrhea, stomach upset, headache and reddening of face. In rare cases, some serious complications may also occur. These complications include changes in vision, chest pain, ringing in ears, swelling, irregular heartbeats and more. In case any of these side effects persist, a doctor must be contacted immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Sildenafil Uropharm is found to be a below average medication that is not particularly popular among the customers. There is no information about this drug or its manufacturing company on the internet which means that it generally lacks credibility. The customer reviews are deficient, and a few side effects are associated with it. This medicine manages to receive a low rating of 1 out of 5. Even if the customers try to check it, they must consult a doctor for suggestions and safety measures.

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